October 29, 2009

jack o lanterns!

Its carving time! I just love when the holidays come around. Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are all my favorite! Brook was such a big girl and almost carved out her pumpkin all by herself. I helped Mason carve his Gobby. He kept calling it Gooby. :-) Jer did the headless horseman pumpkin head. It was such fun!


jamie said...

Cool! We were doing the same thing last night.

Did you guys get bombed with snow like we did? It's still coming down here!

The Reynas said...

How fun! I think we carved our pumpkins a little too early. They have been looking really bad now. lol
Oh well..we'll know for next time.

They all look great! I love family time.

Mindi said...

FUn! We are carving ours tonite!

Candi said...

Yeah Jamie we did get bombed with snow. Today I had to help Jer shovel out a couple times cause we were so blocked in. Of course it doesn't help that our little town doesn't plow the side streets!