October 15, 2009

Calling all pumpkin pickers! I need your help!

Last year we were able to grow our own pumpkins, so picking them was not a problem. This year however, we were not allowed to have a garden and I miss that my kids could go pick their own pumpkins. Does anyone know where there is a pumpkin patch in North East Colorado? I do not want to resort to walmart pumpkins. Please help?


Lauren said...

Go to pickyourown.org. It's a little tricky to navigate through at first, but they list all your local pick-your-own farms!

havilah & Jared said...

The only one I know of for certain this year is in Sterling. I don't have the info. on it anymore, but it's located at CR something-and-something, just accross from Columbine Park & Sterling Living Center on 3rd Ave. It's actually a corn maze, but I'm pretty certain they had pumpkins too. It's being done by Sterling FFA kids as a fundraiser, and I think it's just open this Fri. and Sat, the 23-24, and Oct. 30-31. I'm sure you could call the Sterling HS and talk to their Ag. teacher/FFA advisor and have all the details. Sorry I don't know more...I wanted to take our family but then decided it wouldn't work, and I threw the paper away. GOod luck!

Candi said...

Thanks you guys for your suggestions!