September 12, 2012

Testing and Canning!

What a busy day!

Yesterday was Brooklyn's DIBLES testing with her teacher. We met at the Fort Morgan Library again. I have to admit that we almost did not make it. School was especially challenging that day. Dallas was really on a roll with interrupting and getting into everything. I told Brook's teacher Ms. Deb that and she just  laughed.

While in the library, Dallas and Mason made themselves busy by scooting a giant checkers piece and a hotwheels car around the floor. Yes, they were a little louder than they should have been in a library but they let Brooklyn do her test and I was pretty relieved with that.

Later that evening, I got the BRIGHT idea to try to can all the apples Jer's mom gave us. It only took me 2 hours!

 I have had my pressure canner for a long time now and I figured I better learn how to use it. I didn't have a good recipe for canning applesauce so I looked it up on pinterest and then I finally called my Grandma Philip and Dad for tips. I loved the flavor of the brown sugar and cinnamon but I think next time I will definitely peel the apples before I chop and boil them. It gave it a gritty texture that I am not a huge fan of. Oh well. At lest I know for sure that the pressure canner works and the lids are properly sealed. Trial by error I guess!

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