September 13, 2012

Almost There!

Well, it is Thursday September 13, 2012. I don't know if I ever posted about us buying our rental, but we are.

I think the reason I haven't announced it is because it has been too good to be true. In the past so many things have gone wrong.
I am not saying that this hole process has been smooth sailing. We have had our share of roadblocks but it really helps to have a landlord who is willing and has the means to speed things along.

Somehow the whole paperwork aspect of this precess has gone by much more quickly than it ever has before. Possibly because we have gone through it a few times. Ha ha!

We've had all our inspections done and the appraisal finished but the appraisal was contingent on our roof getting replaced and the AC finished.

This week, Rick's guys were here and they redid the roof in 2 days! It rained yesterday so the AC guy didn't get finished until today. It feels amazing to have the whole house at the same temperature!

I can't believe we close tomorrow. We have just a couple more glitches to sort out but it is really happening!!!

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