December 6, 2009

We are Ready!

Yesterday Jer's mom and dad helped us move the furniture we were given into our house. Its so nice to have a dresser big enough to fit Brooklyn's clothes. I finally feel like we are ready for our little Dallas to arrive. It's almost hard to have everything done and not have him here yet, but I know he will be here soon. I am trying to enjoy this time with my two kids before they become three.
Brooklyn's been sick this week. Its been no fun for her. She especially has a hard time taking it easy when she has had some medicine and feels a little better for the moment. I've had to remind her that she still needs to rest.
We watched the Christmas devotional tonight. I look forward to seeing it every year. It always brings the spirit of Christmas into our home and helps remind me why this season is so wonderful! I think the kids are going to act out that first Christmas this year on Christmas Eve. I haven't gotten around to making their costumes yet but I hope to get it done before next year.


Amanda said...

Glad you finally have what you need. I love the greenish carpet with the blue and pink blanket in the window. Adds the right touch to the room. Joys of renting :)

Candi said...

hahhaa!! I know it is the worst! I can't wait to own our own house!