December 14, 2009

Oops I did it again!

Okay, does anyone else think that it is just cruel that us mom's have to lose our minds right along with our bodies when we are pregnant??? I sure do!

The other night I was doing the usual... making dinner, washing clothes, folding clothes, checking temperatures, giving kids cough medicine and so on. It wasn't until I finally sat down to call someone that I realized my phone was nowhere to be seen. My worst nightmare came true. Yes, I had washed yet another cell phone in my pants pocket! During normal circumstances I truly don't believe that would have happened. I blame it on the pregnancy brain!
Just an update. Mason is over his 24 hour freaky fever. He is now back to his old self as usual. Brooklyn went to the Dr. with me and we saw that her one ear was a little pink but not infected yet. She told me to bring her back if she spikes a fever. Oh great! I have a bunch of sinus pressure and ear pressure but unfortunately I am sorry out of luck. She even took away my one help! Goodbye Sudafed PE, apparently you are perfectly fine for a "normal" pregnant lady but not for one with hypertension! Dang!!! Hello stuffed up nights without sleep. BOO!

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