November 16, 2009

Visit to Springs

This weekend we drove to Colorado Springs to help move Grandma Bonnie's house. The kids had fun seeing her and trying on her wigs. It was hard to see Bonnie so sad. We got to visit with her and she actually looked better than I expected.
We got a great deal on our junior suite and it was nice to feel spoiled for a couple days. The kids got to swim. They look forward to that every time we spend a night.


Amanda said...

glad you guys had fun. The wigs are cute but I am sure grandma would have a fit if she knew you all had them on! wish we could of went too!

Candi said...

Oh I'm sure she wouldn't like it either. I wish your mom took one or two to keep for the grandkids to dress up with though. hehe
We wished you could have been there too.