August 21, 2014

This Week's Activities!

This week has been a busy one. Brook is still working on her paper mache' gifts. Dallas and Mason joined her for painting time!

Mason has been working hard on his Tall Hero vest for cup scouts pack meeting Wednesday. He has Casey Jones the train engineer! He's also been working on memorizing his little part.

We've gone to the library and switched out our books. I really need to start writing down our favorites because sometimes we really do feel sad to say goodbye to some of these friends.

Mason and Brook have really enjoyed working on their Khan Math lately. I've only just recently discovered this site and I really think the kids like it so far.

Dallas and Brook recently started to play with Brook's dolls. (Brooklyn has NEVER really played with dolls before) They asked to use the stroller and I found them pretending its our little baby. They rocked him and covered him with a blanket. Then they'd pretend he started to cry so they would walk him over to mommy. We have talked about how it will be different this time around. Mommy will feed the baby instead of using a bottle. I think they get it and want to help as much as they can even if they can't bottle feed him themselves. My heart just melted to see their excitement!

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