August 20, 2014

Family life!

Week of August 13-16

This week has been full of reading and projects! We are reading one of my favorite books, Anne of Green Gables! As we read the kids like to count how many times Anne says "imagination" and they also like to draw what the story is about. Mason did a good job drawing Anne with all the flowers she added to her bonnet on the way to Sunday school!

Brook has made the cutest journal entry about how she would react if she were in Anne's situation. The other kids at Sunday school only knew about Anne through gossip. We talked about how gossiping can make us feel and what we can do about it. I am so very proud!

We've made some yummy zucchini bread (finally) Jeremiah has been begging for it since we started to grow zucchinis!

Brook has decided she wanted to learn how to make paper mache' gifts for her brothers. She found a recipe online and made it herself. Now she works on it every day and will paint them up!

Dad has also been joining in on the reading time! we often comes home for lunch or after work and stops to read a story to the kids! They love it and I just love watching them all snuggled on the couch listening to dad. He's much more imaginative with books and often adds his own personalities to the characters!

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